Your Time Is Now©

Your heart soars on wings of an eagle
On a journey through the skies.
Upon the edge of greatness you rest;
On the precipice of glory you firmly reside.

Powerful forces working in harmony,
Wisdom. Beauty. Transformation and love.
Burst free of the bonds of fear
Yes, ready to soar and to rise above.

Awaken to your divine, my child.
Inside your beauty reigns.
Awaken to the wisdom within;
The very medicine to ease your pain.

Awaken! Rejoice and revel in love;
Know all of the glory is true.
Awaken, my child, your time is now
For you to be fully you.

Your wellspring of courage runs deep and full,
No worry shall crease your brow.
Breathe deeply, trust fully and heed these words,
Your sacred time is now.

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