Kelley Moore began her career in service to others by serving our country as a member of our nation’s most elite fighting force, the United States Marine Corps, where she developed the values necessary to succeed in any environment and began to truly believe that each of us possesses a deep, internal wisdom that allows us to access the resources we need at exactly the right time to achieve whatever mission we choose.

As a Performance Coach, Kelley works with key executives to recognize, accept and develop their inherent potential and see their unique possibilities.

Her specialty is supporting these powerful leaders as they acquire the knowledge, skills and wisdom that enables them to be more productive, self-directed and passionate in their personal and professional lives.

Kelley has the ability to speak the language of every person in an organization, from the CEO to the front-line β€œtroops.” A former non-profit executive, an award-winning sales and marketing consultant, a business owner, a Professional Behaviors and Values Analyst, and a Mom to two active and creative girls, Kelley brings a blend of education, insight, sound principles, and FUN that is crucial to success in today’s business environment.

At See Your Possibilities we believe that in order to maximize potential, we must first Recognize our talents and possibilities, Accept our areas for improvement, and Develop strategies based on our core strengths and values. We work with key executives to gain knowledge of their communication style and understand the styles of those they interact with in order to achieve real results quicker.

Our strategic consulting includes leadership strategies and optimization, along with behavioral, communication, and executive assessments designed to equip leading edge companies with the tools and knowledge necessary to gain and keep their competitive advantage.
We are solutions experts in the following areas:

  • Team Building
  • Retention
  • On-boarding
  • Benchmarking
  • Selection
  • Screening
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Success Discovery
We are an IT group, concentrating on computers and technology. A challenge is making sure our team communicates really well, resolves problems quickly, and communicates effectively with each other. Our folks learned other team member's personality characteristics and communication styles, so now they can get inside the head of the other person when a conflict comes up. Our people understand each other rather than being stuck in a place of conflict.
Keith Olsen, Director of IT - Branch Engineering